It's Not Unusual....  By Cassie

The 73-year-old singer, Sir Tom Jones, surprised shoppers in London yesterday by busking in Covent Garden. Sir Tom set out to show his acts how it is done in preparation for this weekend’s episode of The Voice.

Accompanying him were semi-finalists Sally Barker and Bizzi Dixon, Barker playing her own acoustic guitar. The trio sang to a large crowd which gathered to watch.
The Welsh legend sang his top hits It’s Not Unusual and Kiss, to make sure that he didn’t let his loyal fan base down. Many crowded around, chanting, “Team Tom, Team Tom,” in support whilst watching the act. The improvisation was hailed a great success by all there to witness it.
“Sir Tom brought Covent Garden to a standstill – it was incredible. He really showed Bizzi and Sally how to do it. It really helped Sir Tom get the public behind his semi-finalists,” a programme insider said.

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