Pedal Power by Teifi, Kaitlyn and Caitlin

 As more than 19,000 adults in Wales are choosing pedal power over petrol to get to work, we decided to ask teenagers in our school if they were doing the same. Figures from the 2011 census shows that choosing cycling as a mode of transport has increased by more than 16% over 10 years.

We spoke to Alex, a student from Year 9, and asked him why he chooses to cycle rather than catch the school bus.

Do you ever cycle to school?

Yes, I do. On average I cycle to school 4 times every week and it is great fun.

Do you have a reason to cycle?

Well first of all, it stops CO2 emissions and it benefits the environment. It’s good for my health,  it keeps me fit and personally I find it rewarding and more exciting than catching the bus every day.

Would you encourage others to cycle to school?

Definitely! It’s very enjoyable and I would love to see more of my friends cycling and if they would cycle to school with me then that would be even better!

Unfortunately, according to the Office of National Statistics Rhondda Cynon Taf has the second lowest percentage of people cycling to work, this percentage being 0.4%

With this figure shown, we decided to ask Leah, another student in year 9, why she chooses not to cycle to school.

Do you cycle to school?

Unfortunately not because I live too far away from school.

Would you ever consider cycling to school?

I would if I lived closer! It benefits the environment because bicycles do not produce any emissions and it would improve my fitness because of all the big hills!

After talking to the teachers in school we discovered that our history teacher, Mr Nelson, often cycles 40 miles every day (from Cardiff to Beddau and then back).

Do you have a reason to cycle 40 miles every day?

Cycling 40 miles every day is a very long way! Although, after cycling and arriving at school I feel very accomplished! Also it gives the women of South Wales something to look at in the morning; a man in lycra!

Is the reason adults and teenagers don’t cycle to school due to the rise in popularity of video games? Children and teenagers leisure times leaning more towards the internet and television rather than the outside world, less people are growing up learning how to ride a bicycle and therefore having no other way of getting to work!

So, from Bryn Celynnog BBC School Report team to you: start saving the environment today and cycle!

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