Typhoon Continues to Destroy by Kiera

On the 8th of November this year, the Philippines were hit by Typhoon Haiyan. The Philippine capital, Manila, was at the centre of the disaster, being the most effected throughout the Philippines.      

     It hit with such vengeance, the wind speeds hitting as high as 190 miles per hour and causing irreparable damage throughout the Philippines. With more than 23,000 people injured, 1,611 missing and the death toll exceeding 5,200, Typhoon Haiyan, Yolanda in the Philippines, is one of the strongest storms ever recorded.

     The typhoon, being the one of the strongest storms recorded, caused endless and irrevocable damage. Millions of dollars worth of crops and infrastructure was destroyed by the typhoon. Half a million homes in the path of the typhoon were crushed beyond recognition and affected over 10 million people in the Philippines.         
It is clear to see that this damage is not all reparable. Most of the damage occurred in the hearts of the families of the dead and the missing, and memories of this horrifying event will never cease to exist.

     As a result of all the damage, food shortages occurred. Many people started to starve and in response, other countries, including Britain, sent over food in cargo planes along with tents, First Aid kits, blankets and bikes to travel along the rough surface easily.

    Despite all of the damage, hunger and mortality, the Philippines are starting to come back together; streets are being cleared of debris, one of the main hospitals in Manila is close to starting up again and with all of the extra supplies and support from other countries, the people of the Philippines are recovering from Typhoon Haiyan. It shows the strength, courage and resilience of the people affected that will help the country get back on its feet once more.

Sport Summary by Anas


Sweden Vs Portugal: Ibramovich Vs Ronaldo - In a tension packed 90 minutes, Portugal triumphed over Sweden, with Ronaldo's hat trick putting Ibramovich firmly in the shadows. In a 3-2 win over Sweden, Portugal have confirmed their World Cup final place for the fourth year running.

Cardiff City Vs Manchester Utd – Against a Cardiff City team in red, the ‘Red Devils’ were forced to play in blue in Cardiff on Sunday. Manchester United did not quite seem themselves, conceding in the last minute to draw 2-2. Man U looked to have secured victory, twice moving ahead, only to let the points slip in stoppage time. It provided a exciting finish to a thrilling game and prevented United from moving into the Premier League's top four.


Wales Vs Tonga - With an emphatic win, Wales charged to a 17-7 victory over Tonga at the Millennium Stadium. Centres Owen Williams and Ashley Beck opened the scoring for the hosts before Tongan, William Helu, put the visitors on the board. Despite Tonga's valiant effort, however, the Welsh proved too difficult to conquer.

Ireland Vs New Zealand - Ireland gave rugby goliaths, the All Blacks, more than a run for their money on Sunday. A last-minute try denied Ireland their first ever victory over New Zealand, who completed a 100% record in 2013. The nail-biting game was had spectators on the edges of their seats all the way into injury time, when the equalising try was converted on the second attempt (the first having been disallowed).      

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