Dinosaurs on Mars

Remember that asteroid that hit Earth about 66 million years ago? The asteroid that made the dinosaurs extinct and laid the path out for us to rise? Well, scientists from the Penn State University are thinking that the impact from that asteroid was strong enough to launch rocks from Earth to places as far off as Mars and one of Jupiter’s moons, Europa. They suggest that these rocks had the capability of holding life, so as they flew out to Mars and Europa, they could have carried seeds of life with them. The study suggests that around about 360,000 asteroids made it to Mars, 83,000 to Jupiter (12 reaching its moons) and 14,000 to Saturn. Clearly, there is no respectable proof that life was carried planet-to-planet, and since the conditions of the planets and moons are not capable of sustaining life, it is obvious this is only a suggestion.  However, the study has found that the rocks that were capable of holding life defiantly flew to other planets. So, where does this leave us? Is it possible that strains of life exist on other planets? Are we really alone in the universe?

Snow........in Cairo?

Impossible, you might say. Never in a million years would you expect there to be snow, in Cairo. Cairo, Egypt’s capital, can reach temperatures of 45-47 degrees in the summer and 13-19 degrees in the winter, so you would think that the last thing to happen there would be snow...well, you’d be wrong. This happened after a historic storm in the Middle East. Snow is now covering Cairo for the first time for more than 100 years ago. This is classed as an unusual weather phenomenon because of Egypt’s low precipitation rate and since their temperatures are usually above freezing, it’s unheard of. Clearly, the sudden change in environment and temperatures got most Egyptians excited, taking pictures by the thousands; however, some were shocked by the weather and were not prepared for the frosty weather.

St. Nicholas Multiplies

Recovering and emerging from a two-tear recession, about 6000 people dressed as Santa and his Elves took to the streets of Madrid to run a marathon and spread the festive Christmas spirit. A sight to behold, these people ran 3.4 miles through the city centre, paying 1 euro to enter, for a charity that purchases Christmas presents for poor children in the world. Organized by one of Spain’s leading stores, everyone was surprised that so many people joined in to spread festive cheer this Christmas.

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