BBC School Report 2013-2014

Bryn Celynnog is happy to announce that we are taking part in the BBC School Report!  With support from the BBC, we will take part in a national project, collaborating with hundreds of other British schools. We will gather news stories and present them either as articles or as video reports – to be seen by you!


We will make the headlines – as students, we will be choosing the stories we want to cover and making some of the news, all for a real audience, across the UK.


We have full control – stretching our imagination and creativity, we hope to bring some of the most interesting reports on a range of topics.


We’ll do it where we want, how we want – from video reports on global issues to articles on film reviews; we hope to bring you everything.

The Bryn Celynnog BBC School Reporters are eager to begin and will update our news page regularly. All this can be found on the School Report section on the school website. 


Our dedicated webpage is linked directly to the main BBC School Report website, so that anyone, anywhere, can click through and check in on what’s going on at Bryn Celynnog.


By Sam

Musings on Sherlock

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