Bye Bye Birdie..... by Denzel

Wanted:  Ethnically Diverse Emojis by Priyankah

Recently, there has been a drastic decline in some of Wales’ most beloved birds that is continuing to drop, according to figures released by the RSPB.

Members in the charity have claimed that the dwindling numbers of sparrows, wintering starlings, robins, chaffinches and blackbirds were a “growing concern” when the results from their annual Big Garden Birdwatch were revealed.


Over 15000 people across Wales took part in a survey on the number of species in their area and the numbers show that wintering starlings are at their lowest point since the survey began.  The wintering starlings – now a ‘red listed’ species – has had a decreasing trend ever since records began in 1979.


Birds such as the wintering starlings, house sparrows and robins have been spiralling into an almost endangered state, whereas birds like the blue tit and the goldfinch have become more abundant. Common factors that they share are that they are both adaptable and friendly birds that easily flourish in an open garden. It is suggested that if a nest box was put up in a front garden these species would most likely appear.


After taking into account that the RSPB are taking care of some of dwindling populations in terms of food and water during the winter and that some birds have survived the mild winter with plenty of food, it could be possible to have more birds in garden dens this breeding season.

Summer's Coming! by Kaitlyn

This Sunday, 30th March 2014, is the official start of summer in Britain, which means the clocks go forward by one hour.

The forecast for this weekend in some parts of Britain has highs of 20 degrees, but some of the north and southwest are still buried under a layer of snow. The snowfall is still predicted to last, but will be starting to thaw by this weekend.

Here in RCT we have had quite a disappointing winter, with no snow, but will the summer be a let-down like winter, or will it be what we are all hoping for? Nice, sunny weather and trips to the beach.

Kim gets a Trim by Kaitlyn

Kim Jong-un is forcing all North Korean men to have the same haircut as him.  The Daily Mail newspaper has names him ‘Trim Jong-Un’. He has already made an order that they are to avoid long hair, but is replacing that order with them to have razor-short back and sides and longer hair on the top, also known as the ‘Fusey’. The style is often sported by Joey Essex from the show ‘The Only Way is Essex’. If they do not submit to this order, he has threatened torture and jail, but some people still seem to be reluctant to follow his style advice.

We live in a society where there are many different races and ethnicities. Apple have been criticised for not seeming to accept this, which is shown by a screen shot of their emojis. There is a variety of gender and age yet it only shows two different ethnicities, only two of the symbols seem to be Asian and none are black.


With room for skulls, monkeys and things such as head accessories, one would think that there would be space for other races. An app that claims to help you express yourself is arguably limited to people who aren’t white. There have been many petitions and demands for Apple to improve their emoji range. There are also suggestions that have been sent to Apple, but so far, nothing of the sort has appeared in the emoji library. Apple has revealed that they are working on making more diverse emojis, which will be released soon.

Comic Come to Cardiff by Tim

Comic Con 2014 Cardiff took place in Motorpoint Arena over the 1st and 2nd of March. BBC School Report went along to find out what was going on.


Outside the stadium, there were many “cosplayers” (people who are attempting to dress up exactly like their favourite characters): the characters Spock and Gandalf both had heavy representation.


After a few minutes of queuing, our report team managed to enter the building, only to be immediately confronted with a vintage Batmobile from one of the Batman films, which provided many selfie opportunities.


We then proceeded to interview some comic vendors, some of whom had travelled many miles to sell their wares at the event: one couple had come all the way from Finland!


There were many stars of film and TV who were at the convention, including John Rhys Davies (Gimli in Lord of the Rings), David Prowse (Darth Vader in Star Wars) and Paul McGann (the 8th Doctor Who). One of us even managed to meet Devon Murray, the actor of Seamus Finnegan in Harry Potter, and procured his autograph.

It was entertaining to see some of the more expert cosplayers at the venue: in particular, an impersonator of Captain Jack Sparrow fooled many fans.


A highlight of the day was the buying of several masks for our news team, including a Black Rider mask, a Guy Fawkes mask and a mask from the series Bleach.


Overall, much fun was had by everyone, and our team enjoyed their day to a huge extent.

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