“Those Stupid Builder People” - By Seren & Sam

Up to 2021, the R.C.T Council is planning to develop many housing areas across the area. One of these proposed developments is based locally to us in the Bryn Celynnog News team, in the area surrounding Efail Isaf. The project, which has already began proceedings, contains around 15 hectors worth of new properties, ranging from 3-4 bedrooms. The site will be located on existing farmland, opposite current residents.

To further our research into this project we interviewed residents of the village and we were startled by the enthusiastic responses of the villagers.  Aside from a few exceptions, the response was mainly antagonistic; most people could see no positives and were hugely pessimistic about the whole situation. We were met by a variety of different concerns; many individuals were worried about the environmental impact of the project, due to the fact that whilst building they would be cutting down the remaining trees and destroying the homes of innocent wildlife. There were also allegations of this being the first of many new housing developments along the recently installed bypass, which is a fair concern given that there are more developments planned for R.C.T.

Despite this, there were still some people who believed that new houses could be an improvement for the area. One of these was a woman who was undergoing a house move and was full of hope that, if she rented out the house then she would be able to get more rent due to the increased demand for the area.  Another woman approved of the plans because “We need the housing”. Even after learning about some of the negatives of the project she was still closer to being in favour of the plans. 

A few people we saw were impartial due to the overwhelming amount of benefits and negatives of the project. They saw the advantages but were aware of the huge concerns others had and were unable to make a decision as to whether or not they were opposed or for the plans. For example, one man thought that it was a natural part of the development of the World – something that needs to be done – yet he felt that the location of the site was unsuitable as it caused too much controversy.

Many people brought up the point that the vast increase of residence will result in a lack of facilities. Combined with the cuts that R.C.T are already making, this will mean that there won’t be enough facilities to cope with the extra population. As well as this, transport through the village will become incredibly difficult as another result of the increased population. As locals have informed us, the area that is scheduled to be developed is very boggy and swampy, with a brook running through it – this could lead to the destruction of the houses due to flooding risks. A resident of 40 years spoke to us about the dramatic changes that the area had undergone since she first started living there, in that the village was initially quite tranquil and peaceful until the development processes began.

The vast majority of residents show strong disagreement of the plans – we understand this and are concerned about the effect that it will have on the scenery, which we will miss. Upon beginning this article, we had impartial views of the project but as the day progressed, we found ourselves to be having stronger beliefs over this topic. To end, we would like to share with you the most convincing quote that was made during this project: “Those stupid builder people – It’s disgraceful. They are killing our children.”

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