Bieber's Shoe to the Rescue!

By Cassie

Full-time mum Khloe Waite is planning to auction one of Justin Bieber’s shoes to pay for a life-changing operation for her friend’s daughter.
The 28-year-old from New Inn, South Wales, has said that inspiration hit her when her children returned from a Justin Bieber concert with one of his black trainers.
Waite says that when waiting in line backstage, Bieber’s team got the children involved in a number of games to keep them entertained. Ralphie Waite, 9, and his sister Beau, 7, won the shoe whilst taking part.
Upon getting home, when thinking of ideas to raise money for the toddler, the children said, “What about Justin Bieber’s shoe?”
18-month-old Ayla-Mae Hemms , from Oakdale, South Wales, has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy and is profoundly deaf. The surgery required, selective dorsal rhizotomy, costs around £100,000, and will help her to become more independent and have the chance to walk unaided.

"I think one of the saddest things about Ayla-Mae's condition is that her hands are constantly clenched, meaning that she will never be able to touch her face,” Waite said.
Waite and the children hope that the money raised from the eBay auction occurring this week will help to contribute towards the operation. They are aiming to raise £1,000 to donate to the Ayla-Mae Three Steps Forward Charity.

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