Bye Bye Birdies   by Denzel

Also in the News....  by Kiera

Recently, there has been a drastic decline in some of Wales’ most beloved birds that is continuing to drop, according to figures released by the RSPB.


Members in the charity have claimed that the dwindling numbers of sparrows, wintering starlings, robins, chaffinches and blackbirds were a “growing concern” when the results from their annual Big Garden Birdwatch were revealed. Over 15000 people across Wales took part in a survey on the number of species in their area and the numbers show that wintering starlings are at their lowest point since the survey began.  The wintering starlings – now a ‘red listed’ species – has had a decreasing trend ever since records began in 1979.


Birds such as the wintering starlings, house sparrows and robins have been spiralling into an almost endangered state, whereas birds like the blue tit and the goldfinch have become more abundant. Common factors that they share are that they are both adaptable and friendly birds that easily flourish in an open garden. It is suggested that if a nest box was put up in a front garden these species would most likely appear.


After taking into account that the RSPB are taking care of some of dwindling populations in terms of food and water during the winter and that some birds have survived the mild winter with plenty of food, it could be possible to have more birds in garden dens this breeding season.

Facebook Campaign Reunites Mother and Daughter

Katheryn Deprill, 27, posted a picture of herself with a hand-written sign asking for people to help her find her birth mother by sharing her post. Katheryn was abandoned as a new born baby in the toilets of a Burger King branch in Allentown, Pennsylvania. After the post being shared round the world, the women’s mother contacted her and they found each other. Katheryn says it was ‘pure joy’ meeting her mother for the first time, she said it was like ‘looking in a mirror’.


PDSA Pet Fit Club

We all talk about losing weight, being healthier but there is something new happening…the fat pets of Britain are shedding pounds along with us humans. We as a nation are feeding our pet’s junk food like biscuits, chips and many other high-calorie foods, and we don’t realise that they aren’t good for them just as they aren’t good for us. As a result, the pet obesity levels are getting higher and the PDSA are trying to tackle it. They started an annual Pet Fit Club eight years ago and are launching a new campaign to further help our obese pet to lose a few inches. One dog, a Jack Russell named Ruby, lost seven inches from her waist.


A Whole New World
On the edge of our solar system, the Milky Way, a new planet has appeared. It is pink in colour and ice in nature; it orbits around the sun at a greater distance than any object we have discovered, it never gets closer than 7bn miles to the sun! This is the second object found in the mysterious region called the inner Oort Cloud, the boundary between our solar system and outer space. The astronomer that found the planet, Scott Sheppard, with colleague Chad Trujillo, said “If you took a Super Earth and put it a few hundred astronomical units out, the gravity could shepherd this new object into the orbit it has.” Another comment, by Chris Lintott, University of Oxford astronomer, states that, “There’s something joyous in the fact there are still things to be discovered.”

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